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Great Wolf Lodge is Coming to Maryland!

How excitingggg!!! On Tuesday 7/20/2021, Great Wolf Resorts has broke ground on its newest indoor water park in Perryville, Maryland! The 126,000-square-foot Great Wolf Lodge Maryland, with 700 family-friendly suites, will be the brand’s 20th in North America and its largest, officials said in a statement. The park will sit on 48 acres on the western edge of Cecil County and is expected to open in mid-to-late 2023.

The location is approximately 1 hour / 50 miles from our homestead, and we are counting down the days to be able to take our youngest kids!

Read more on the Great Wolf Lodge website here.

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Hi Greta

My name is Terri. I was searching for other homesteaders in my area and I saw your post about Great Wolf Lodge. I live two minutes from there. Are you close by?

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